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01 Gennaio 2020

Qlik Elite Partner

ICE Suisse SA, historical partner of QlikTech, achieved the best result in terms of Revenue in 2019. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we inform you that from January 2020 the soc. ICE Suisse SA has taken the title: “Qlik Partner Elite”, the highest level of Qlik partnership intended only for a small circle of companies. This increasingly growing partnership has strengthened relations with the software Vendor with which ICE Suisse SA intends to extend its activity on the Advanced Analytics market for many years.

01 Febbraio 2020

Partnership UiPath

UiPath, a leading company in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, today has a high-level platform dedicated to providing perfect automation of data entry on any web module and desktop application. UiPath is a high-level platform dedicated to providing perfect automation of data entry on any web form and desktop application. ICE Suisse SA has chosen UiPath as a strategic partner for the industrial digitalization of the SMB and Enterprise market.

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01 Febbraio 2020

OpenLegacy GO!

New year full of news for ICE Suissse. After the Partnership with UiPath we are pleased to communicate also the Partnership with OpenLegacy.

OpenLegacy is a company that offers an innovative way to solve the problems of legacy systems that hinder digital transformation. Companies often lack the resources or skills needed to integrate legacy systems with modern platforms. This solution allows you to connect the company’s back-end systems to modern mobile, cloud and web solutions through the rapid creation of microservices.

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01 Febbraio 2020

Partnership aws

AWS represents for us the best expression of technology within everyone’s reach for the rapid deployment of microservices. The ideal partner to get anywhere with speed and professionalism. AWS has also been chosen by us for advanced machine learning application solutions that can be integrated with analytics and RPAs coming from IoT systems. The American experience on Top customers at international levels has allowed AWS to have real “best practices” within everyone’s reach. ICE Suisse SA now integrates third party application services on AWS infrastructure.